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Elevator / Lift Technical File

According to the directive 2014/33 / EU, the technical file of the lift to be placed on the market must be prepared and affixed with the CE mark with the approval of the declaration of conformity. In today’s legislation, the technical file should be prepared according to the Annex c part of the standard for the installed elevator in accordance with EN 81-20 standard. The technical file basically includes elevator information, calculations and many manuals. As CEMKA engineering, we have been providing this service to hundreds of elevator companies with project and design services.

  • If the company will declare the EU declaration of conformity, it should have the technical file ready.
  • It must keep the CE Technical file ready for presentation for 10 years.
  • The technical file should contain projects, calculations and manuals related to elevators.


The reliability of the technical file and the accuracy of the information in it are very important. Confident in this regard, CEMKA provides trouble-free service regarding the technical file with the CRM software it has developed.

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CEMKA Engineering is an authorized and certified project organization in Lift Design and Project Planning. It always provides you with accurate and fast service with its experienced staff,

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